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You know, refuses to swear, actually admits he is guilty, is seeking help etc. I have yet to hear of an inmate being charged in court with sexual assault of an inmate. Have you? If just one was found guilty, got more time, things would change. I was held down while at least 3 black inmates had anal intercourse using my rectum as their sexual pleasure release! From that day on, I was classified as a homosexual and was sold from one inmate to the next. Blacks tend to rape the white inmates and force themselves on weaker inmates!

I am one of the weaker inmates! Guys watch these things. What if they told, what could happen to them. I know you think they should tell what happens to them. But until you put yourself in there shoes you don't know what you do.

A Wife’s Submissive Journey

Some prisons are hard. Fights, killings, ect. One thing guys don't like is guys who tell on others. What are your chances if you told on someone? My rape is known thru out the system as everyone know the person who did it likes to brag so its unsafe for me to be in population as now I'm a snitch, homo and my safety would be in jeopardy. Even the officers laugh about it. I bet he's going to be walking with a limp ha ha ha. I've heard them.

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In here, the egos multiply a lot more than in society. Now I've seen this happen many many times. The response from the guards is "the strong survive," "who cares," or they join in on the teasing, tourmenting, etc. I knew two men who hung themselves after this.

The mentality of a lot of guards is that it's only a convicted felon screwing another, so who cares? If I had told on the inmates, They would have gotten me in another part of the Prison. Even Protective Custody Facility. A common comment is, "ya'll may run it out there, but this is our world! They just wanted the status of having a "Kid. They just wanted some sexual satisfaction, even though they knew I was not deriving pleasure from it, and was there only because I was forced to. I was with the Valluco Valley crowd, so I was only passed around to them for free.

The Tops, Bottoms and Switches Sex Survey

Town Hispanics had to pay. M, a security officer with the rank of sargeant, came to investigate the series of latest allegations. Defendant J. After plaintiff vehemently protested that he was being truthful, defendant J. I did nine years from March to November In that 9 years I was raped several times. I never told on anyone for it, but did ask the officer for protective custody. But I was just sent to another part of the prison. Than raped again. Sent to another part of the prison.

This went on for 9 years. I didn't want to tell on the inmates who raped me because I didn't want to be killed. I came back to prison in In I was raped again. I attempted suicide. The doctors here in the prison say "quote" major depression multiple neurotic symptoms, marked by excessive fear, unrelenting worry and debilitating anxiety.

Antisocial suicidal ideation, self-degradation, paranoia and hopelessness are characteristic, "unquote. Once the weaker inmate is hooked, the domineering inmate will share the details of his conquest with his buddies and then the weaker inmate finds himself dealing with more and more inmates vying for his services. By this time, the weaker inmate has had his self-esteem so lowered that he no longer cares and becomes a sexual substitute for whomever needs him.

If an inmate does, not only is that a sure sign of weakness, but a weak snitch to boot. Not worthy of living. I now have scar's where I've been gutted, under the right side of my chest below my heart, where my neck was cut open and under my left arm. People start to treat you right once you become deadly. Yes I know that's fully screwed, but that's how your head is twisted.

After it's over you may be disgusted with yourself, but you realize you're not powerless and that you can deliver as well as receive pain. Then it's up to you to decide whether you enjoy it or not. Most do, I don't. It's sick and depraved. The system feels that justice was done.

It started by inmate [A] coming by my cell and waking me up at approximately a. He said he wanted to come in and watch television with me. I said, "No, I'm trying to sleep. I saw him go to the booth and told the booth officer to open my cell door. My cell door was not authorized to be opened. By this time, I had turned on my overhead light and heard inmate [A] say to [the officer], "Open , so I can get his laundry.

I did think it was odd though. So he came in and sat on my bed. About 5 to 10 minutes after that, inmate [B], [C], and [D] came into my cell. Then inmate [D] said, "We want some ass. I'm in trouble! Inmate [D] then said, "Either give it to Jesus or give it up.

It was at this time that the floor officer came by on the bottom tier I was on the top tier , doing or supposedly doing, his rounds. He noticed the inmates in my cell and asked if everything was all right. Too terrified to answer, I just nodded. I was then directed back to my bed. Inmate [B] then stood in front of me and pulled out his penis and forced it into my mouth. Inmate [C] then turn his turn. Pulling me to my feet, he then took my boxers off, bent me over and forced his penis inside. Inmate [D] laid on the bed, took my head and forced himself inside my mouth [All four of them, plus one more] took turns anally and orally raping me at the same time.

All of them repeatedly did this.

Sexuality in ancient Rome - Wikiwand

Somewhere in the middle of this, inmate [F] entered. My body and my mind was numb. I didn't know what to do, so I just sat down on the commode and let what they ejaculated in me come out. After everything was out, I cleaned myself again. As I got up, I noticed the water in the commode was red.

I washed myself again, put on all my clothes, got under the covers. The fear went on a rampage in my mind, shutting down my whole system. For the rest of the day I was like this. I do remember wanting to kill them or either myself.

Diary of a Single Woman - Dark Surprise - True Diary Audio Book

I cannot fully state to you now the actual feelings of guilt or shame I felt at the time. In retrospect, I feel now that there was more I could have done and my mindset now is one of tremendous speculation. But, it all comes down to feelings of being inadequate in the defense of myself. In September, , during the week of Labor Day, I was accosted and raped in the shower. While the entire incident did not last more than a few minutes, it seemed like an eternity. I was certain that I had indeed been sentenced to Hell.