How Good Is Your Chess? (Dover Chess)

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Through trial and error we have arrived at our present technology. Technology has helped us in our lives.

Magnus Carlsen's 5 Chess Tips For Beginning Players

It has also helped us, along with computers, in producing chess books by eliminating many errors and adding diagrams. Teaching techniques have also improved vastly. When I started to teach young scholastics, I looked through many beginner books for ideas. Of course, one could use each book as a guide for the course. I synthesized the information to best help the young beginners.

Kiril the pawn and his friends explains a tremendous amount of information designed to be understood by young children.

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I especially like the chapter titled "Logic of Chess" on page Jeff Coakley's companion, Winning Chess Exercises for Kids , is just as good but very challenging for the novice. Years ago, Reinfeld, Horowitz, Fine and Chernev taught beginners.

Today, some competent authors who target the child novice are Pandolfini, Walker the British Pandolfini , Heisman and Snyder. Lev Albert has authored many books that are geared toward the more mature novice. These lessons cover a couple of topics which take approximately an hour of classroom time. Since I have difficulty finding time to set up the pieces in order to review a game, puzzle books allow me to stay in semi-chess shape. Some players use puzzle books to warm-up for a tournament.

The problem solving simulates playing conditions.

How Good Is Your Chess?

A while back, I shared teaching methods with a fellow master. I mentioned how I use a heavy dose of tactics with my private students. We agreed on how valuable Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations is for novices. The other master admitted that he uses it frequently himself. It must work as he is currently our state co-champion. Puzzle books today don't only rely on combinations, but also endgame and positional problems like Alburt's I used this to help our team finish fourth out of teams at the U. Amateur Team East behind Karpov's team.

Lazlos Polgar's Combinations is great for novices. Chris Ward authored many puzzle books targeting novice to intermediate players. A beginner should devour these books, because "One who understands combinations, then understands chess. Judgment and Planning in Chess, Dr. Max Euwe, McKay. His target audience was the improving middle of the pack enthusiast.

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Among his best was Judgment and Planning in Chess, which helps with planning what to do after opening moves. Some chapter titles are; Pawn majority on the Queen's side, Weakening the King's side and The attack on the King's field. For me, the chapter on Knight again 'bad' Bishop ranks as highly instructive as Kotov's chapter on opposite wing castling from Art of the Middlegame. The other books would help those in the B-D classes. Andrew Soltis is my favorite contemporary writer.

Pawn Structure Chess was my most important opening book. Pawn Structure Chess describes the pawn breaks in ten different opening pawn structures. It also shows piece placement to aid your break or hinder your opponent's break. This book is a collection of his Game of the Month columns from to The game of the month pitted the chess elite debating a fashionable opening variation with recent theory on the side.

Chess Life and Review ran this popular column until the early 's. All four are descriptive notation and out of print. My choice at present for an opening book goes to the New in Chess yearbooks. Before World War I, there were few instructive type books in English. Steinitz's Modern Chess Instructor is still a difficult read and a large percentile is devoted to openings. After the Great War, the new world champion, J. Capablanca, published Chess Fundamentals in Chess Primer was available in Also at this time, several masters were experimenting with non-classical openings and defenses other than e4, e5 or d4, d5.

This different way to play chess would allow the opponent to occupy the center with pawns and the hypermodern player would attack and destroy it. My System is an instructive guide on how to play closed positions. This was different from Tarrasch's teachings which followed Steinitz's theory. Also in , the second world champion introduced Lasker's Manual in German translated to English in Emanuel's Manual as I like to call this book is part philosophical and hugely a tribute to the father of modern chess, Wilhelm Steinitz.

Because of Steinitz's theories of chess, Lasker wrote, "He was a thinker worthy of a seat in the halls of a University. My favorite Lasker quote explains Steinitz's theory of accumulation of small advantages, "In the beginning of the game ignore the search for combinations, abstain from violent moves, aim for small advantages, accumulate them, and only after having attained these ends search for the combination-and then with all the power of will and intellect, because then the combination must exist, however deeply hidden.

Another great Lasker quote is, "What is immobile must suffer violence.

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The light-winged bird will easily escape the dragon, but the firmly rooted tree must remain where it is and may have to give up its leaves, fruit, and perhaps even its life. Our Sy Fish puts it more succinctly, "Mobility is nobility. The creative combination lays bare the presumption of a lie; the merciless fact, culminating in a checkmate, contradicts the hypocrite. Lasker was world champion for 27 years and had a high winning percentage much higher if you subtract his results after he turned 65 on December 24, He finished ahead of Capablanca at St.

Petersburg , New York and Moscow and The first time Capablanca finished ahead of Lasker in a tournament was Moscow and then again at Nottingham when Emanuel was Maybe that is why Lasker retired after that tournament.

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  5. In this way the pupil learns chess quite easily, of that I am convinced. Tarrasch also reverses the order in which the game is usually taught. Instead, he begins with the End-Game, since "obviously it is easier for the beginner to deal with a few men than the entire thirty-two.

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    Analyzing the most important parts of hundreds of games, Tarrasch presents a comprehensive treatment of combination play, an aspect of chess for which he was especially renowned. Finally, he deals with the most complex part of the game the Opening and offers enlightening comments on many historically important variations. Illustrated with over diagrams and including 12 complete games, The Game of Chess remains one of the standard texts, a careful reading of which will improve the game of any player.

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