Gods of New Eden

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  1. The Garden of Eden: Bible Story Summary
  2. Explore the Garden of Eden Story in the Bible
  3. ET Gods in the Garden of Eden?
  4. Explore the Garden of God in the Bible

Four Aramaic targumim ancient translations have God, and not just cherubim, taking up residence east of the garden.

This is based on a slightly different vocalization of the Hebrew text, which is likely a more original reading than our current biblical text MT. Four ancient Jewish targumim translations of the Torah into Aramaic however, understand the verse differently, at least up to the word cherubim:. Even so, they take the same basic approach, stating that God dwelled somewhere, rather than that God stationed separate entities—cherubim and the spinning-sword-flame—somewhere. This understanding is based on two main considerations:.

In the targumim , their function in the sentence is merely to specify where the divine Immanence was caused to dwell, i.

The Garden of Eden: Bible Story Summary

Like English, Biblical Hebrew has homonyms, i. Two different words with different meanings are spelled this way and sound the same:. At this point in the verse, after the word cherubim, all four Targumim examined above shift into midrashic expansions, and thus we can only reconstruct how they would have read what follows. According to this translation, the one who dwells with Israel is a direct reference to God.

In the MT version of v.

Explore the Garden of Eden Story in the Bible

The verse is problematic in two ways. First, what does it mean that the king of Tyre is an anointed cherub? But according to the reading reflected in the Septuagint, Aquila, Symmachus, Theodotion and the Peshitta, v. The alternative reading, which is considered by many to be superior to that of MT for the reasons discussed above [16] , understands the opening word as the preposition "with".

Conceptually, the targumic reading fits well with other elements of the Eden story corpus that demonstrate that YHWH is not omnipresent but dwells in a particular place. These verses indicate that God is located in a particular place rather than being omnipresent, and, that he is located in the same place as Cain.

ET Gods in the Garden of Eden?

God speaks on two separate occasions with Cain —7, 9— Since Cain, at this point, is certainly outside the Garden of Eden, it seems that the narrator expects it to be clear to the reader that God too is now located outside the garden. Indeed, it is only natural that God should abandon the garden of Eden after driving Man out. The reader, therefore, expects God to relocate; our verse explains where God chooses to settle and why. Never again in the Hebrew Bible is the Garden of Eden referred to as an extant habitation of God; yet, unless the targumic reading is original, we are never told when or even that it ceased to be so.

This reading is therefore, highly significant for understanding the way in which the biblical writer viewed the events of the Garden of Eden and the ensuing relationship between humans and God.

Explore the Garden of God in the Bible

The only difference is in the pointing, but the messages are very different. Later on in this same chapter, in verse 7, God repeats his promise, that if the Judahites improve their behavior:.

doorkgradjohnmuru.ga They explain that there would have been uneasiness with the notion, expressed in the original reading, of God dwelling among lesser beings. Although not decisive on its own, this consideration, too, weighs in favor of the originality of the targumic reading. Please support us. I thank the TABS team for their extensive editing of the piece. Manoah ad loc. Some scholars maintain that the Septuagint reflects a variant reading here, which they reconstruct as:.

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The same pattern is seen in many other instances: Targum Neofiti. This view may survive in the obscure work Midrash Alfa Betot , in the fourth chapter. Brettler; Oxford: Oxford University Press, , See also Tg. Most modern commentators accept this understanding uncritically. He received his Ph. I would like to receive new essays When published Before Shabbat. Torah Portion. This Week's Torah Portion. Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy. Rosh Hashanah Rosh Hashanah. Yom Kippur Yom Kippur. Sukkot Sukkot. Simchat Torah Simchat Torah.

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