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James Ramsey Ullman, Banner in the Sky , , paperback This sounds like it. It involves climbing a mountain in Switzerland called the Citadel in the s. I believe its based on a true story about climbing the Matterhorn.

Shop For Remote Control Planes And Heighten Your Child’s Imagination!

It was a Disney movie in the late s-early s. I checked imdb. Please note that E, "Banner in the Sky" was not the solution.

Beverly Cleary, Ramona and Her Mother , s. This may be way off, but Ramona Quimby had a stuffed elephant, named Ella Funt, that she carried around with her. In Ramona and Her Mother , she sews her a pair of pants. She had had Ella Funt for a while, so there may have been a spaghetti stain on her somewhere, I don't remember.

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Norma Simon, Elly the Elephant , , reprinted This is just a possibility - I can't find a picture of the cover anywhere. Two summaries: "Wendy and her beloved Elly are inseparable until the toy is left at school one day. Wendy loves her toy elephant one summary said she sings to it? I obtained copies of both Elly the Elephant and Ramona and her Mother, but unfortunately, neither is the book I am looking for.

I believe my book has more pictures perhaps in color than Ramona and Her Mother, and is not long enough to have chapters. Also, my book feels more modern than Elly, and I'm fairly certain is written for a slightly higher reading level. Nancy K. Robinson, Oh Honestly, Angela! She takes her favorite stuffed elephant to show and tell, only to find out that she is expected to donate it to the school's Christmas drive for the needy. However, that is not the book.

In my book, unlike this one, the little girl and her elephant are the main focus of the book. Did the elephant go to visit its cousins when it was misplaced by the girl? Another poster asked, "Did the elephant go to visit its cousins when it was misplaced by the girl? I would appreciate it if you would share the title of the book you're thinking of, if you know it. Thank you! Sounds like this Mercer Mayer classic. Also, 3 of these stories were published together as There's Something There alligator under the bed, monster in the closet, something in the attic , so that could be the collection you mention.

Some commented in the stumper, but it's the correct solutionThe book I am looking for is not a collection of 3 books. It's a textbook. I have no explanation for that. But I'll keep it here so the original requester can find it. It was about a girl might have lived in some sort of orphanage or something. She gets this doll and it turns out to be evil. She and a friend bury it in the woods one night, and the doll is back in her room in the morning, covered in dirt. The cover was dark, with a dark-haired girl looking frightened as she held up a blonde doll.

I think that the name of this book is a girl's first name And although i may be wrong about this, I think that it may be an "A" name, like Anabelle The book Im thinking of see below is Annabelle by Ruby Jean Jenson : "bandoned by her mother and neglected by her emotionally distant father, a little girl is drawn to an old derelict mansion in the woods near her home.

To the lonely little girl the house is her very own castle and it seems to call out to her with a ghostly chorus of voices.

100+ Popular Gifts for Elementary School Kids (Ages 6 – 11 Years Old)

Inside she finds a family of dolls that welcome her along with a strange portrait of a woman who smiles down on her like the mother she lost. But this house is no playground. It echoes with the memories of a tragedy that took place nearly a half century ago and the event is still being played out by forces beyond the grave. Dolls come to life, seeking to protect a mysterious girl named Annabelle and a ghostly wraith stomps through the old mansion, crazed with a demonic rage Ruby Jean Jensen delivers a creepy haunted house chiller with her trademark style and resident killer dolls.

A must for Jensen fans and a fun read for horror lovers. Sounds like Ruth M. Arthur's A Candle in her Room to me. The girl in the book moves into a new house and I think finds the doll, either in the attic or in a hollow tree. The doll's name is Dido, and she is evil. Somehow, she convinces the girl to do magic. I remember the girl burying Dido and trying to burn her I don't, however, remember the resolution! The cover has a picture of a girl standing over a bonfire, poking it with a stick.

The plot of the Evil Toy returning sounds a bit like Steven King's story about an evil clockwork monkey.

The Overprotected Kid - The Atlantic

I do recall both the Twilight Zone and Night Gallery featured dolls bent on revenge against an evil father figure--the NG one was quite terrifying with her dark eyes and big teeth! She did have blonde hair, would this be similar? E86 and E94??? Clevin, Jorgen , Pete's first day at school , This must definitely be the solution to E86 and it could be the solution to E The cover shows Johnny and Pete - and Pete is a regular large elephant, so his size could have come into the story.

Pete, the elephant, has happy experiences on the first day of school.

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Where do you live? Shall we say hello to them? That red knob is the doorbell. Press it with your finger and say : dingalingaling.

High-flying Helicopters (Amazing Machines Series)

Reader answers questions at each stop-light. Final story page has a 'blank' TV screen with a message seen only when held up to the light!

find it here

Cover is indeed white as remembered. I read a series of maybe four or five books in the early seventies, though the books would have been written earlier I think Enid Blyton's famous five series was reissued in the early seventies, in paperback editions published by Knight books.

The series of 21 books in total was first written in the late 40s to early 60s. The one I think it is would be Book 3. I recall that the entrance to the cave is facing out over a steep isolated cliff so is mostly unknown, but they find it by a little hole in the ground, which goes down through the top of the cave. They build campfires and the smoke goes up through the hole.

Gifts that Encourage Learning

This is what makes me think it could be this book. In Five Run Away Together the five stumble across the cave quite by accident, when one of them falls down the hidden hole in the ground. Further exploration reveals that the cave cannot be seen from the front entrance in the cliff. Also, when a fire is lit, smoke escapes through the roof hole. There were probably some mysteries involved, but I do not think it was a mystery series per se.

Well if it is this book, it is part of a mystery series, so perhaps I'm wrong I have read this book and I think this is the one the requestor wanted. Four children and a dog go to a uninhabited island and find a cave with a hole in the ceiling. They lower their stuff through the hole and lower themselves through it too, to save them having to climb the rocks to the front entrance near the beach.

They Found a Cave. I can't remember who wrote this book, but I read it back in the 60s. Only problem I think it was set in Australia.

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  7. Ransome, Arthur , Swallowdale, Bright Morning later escapes, but when she returns, she finds her village under occupation by the "Long Knives", or American soldiers. The Americans force the Navaho out of their lands, and onto the Trail of Tears. Before , approximate. This was a wonderful store of escaped or freed slaves living in the hills. The only parts I clearly remember is an older woman painting an apron for the protagonist.

    The picture was of the protagonist wearing the apron, so it went on for infinity. Eventually they end up joining Indians in the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma. It was a children's book, with chapters that I read in The diary describes how in Libbie, her father, and her sister escaped from their cruel master. The family is eventually taken in by the Seminoles. Unfortunately, their peaceful new existence doesn't last long as the United States government forces the Seminoles to give up their land in Florida and move to a reservation in Oklahoma.

    Illustrated with oil paintings. I wonder if this book is Mara, Daughter of the Nile Mara is a slave with powerful friends. She works as a double-agent spy and eventually earns her freedom. Co-incidentally, I was re-reading that one this afternoon, and it doesn't match at all. Main characters in that one are Mara, a slave, and Sheftu, a nobleman. Could this maybe be The Mystery of the Silent Friends? The three dolls in that one are anamatronic not haunted, but they are at the centre of the big mystery in the story. See solved mysteries for more details.